How can you enhance your interior? What brightens up austere surroundings? As an interior landscaper, wholesaler or architect, you undoubtely know the answer: interior greenery links functionality with quality of life and works and plays a major role in offices, hotels, hospitals, airports and all those other areas where people gather.

Interior greenery arrangements add style through beautifully fashioned pots and attractive planters that elevate the greenery to interior decoration elements and improve the company's image and status.

We have been the leading specialists in this field for many years. We are at the global epicentre for flowers and plants in Aalsmeer, Holland. Customers from all over the world purchase our elegant aluminium planters and matching accessories, such as aluminium ashtrays and wastepaper baskets

Call today, and let us surprise you tomorrow with these products' style and class!


Aluminium is surprisingly well suited for quality interior decoration, as exemplified by flower planters. The material's light weight ensures easy handling. Aluminium also withstands moisture, heat and other surrounding influences and is therefore durable both indoors and outdoors.
The metal is even treated with a special coating that renders it insensitive to signs of touch, such as fingerprints. The material remains attractive without any maintenance


Although we are known mainly for our planters, we supply a far broader range of optimal services based on four principales:
- An extensive product selection.
- Ample stocks.
- Delivery on demand.
- Clear agreements.
These core features strenghten your position as an interior landscaper, wholesaler or architect with your client.


Our selectioncomprises a broad diversity of shapes, colors, models and applications in infinite varieties that may be ordered in quantities of 1 to 1,000 or even more. We aim to help you realise your specific desires.
Our full product selection is described in a seperate, detailed brochure for you to present to your client. We also supply itemized listings and rate charts for your convenience.


A lot of time can elapse from the drawing boards to the delivery. Kiewiet will be happy toadvise during the design stage. Such input will ensure that special highlights of the matal planters will look their best in your interior. Although early involvement in projects often eliminates the need for a large inventory, Kiewiet maintains ample stocks to respond promptly to last-minute decisions and to fill repeat orders as quickly as possible. We also look forward to showing you a fast range of options when you visit our company.


By delivering at your convenience, Kiewiet keeps your operation cost efficient. One phone call, fax, or e-mail, and your order is on its way.
We work with renowned transport agents who have a record of reliability and timely delivery, as well as product care.